Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to Become a Licensed Barber in New York?

In order to get good training for a career in barbering, you need professional training. And in New York, there are plenty of schools, colleges, and online barber schools that can take you from a beginner to a skilled barber. Barbers usually has to perform duties of a small business person like hair services, accepting payments and handling books.

And, a barber school will polish your skills. In 2013, New York  was at the second position in terms of employment, which is highest in the U.S. for barbers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can follow these steps to become a licensed barber in New York.

1. Graduate from an approved New York State barber school. There is no defined hour requirement for barber licensure in New York. But, most barber schools offer 288 hour training programs, along with a 3 hour course while dealing with the concerns of transmission of contagious diseases.

2. Submit a New York State barber operator application. After you have completed your barbering program, you can submit your application for a license. For this application, you will have to submit barber operator application along with application fee, affirmation of New York state approved school section and health certification form.

3. Schedule and pass the New York State Practical Licensing Exam. Your practical exam will be scheduled by the New York Division of Licensing Services. You will have to complete the practical exam on barbering services within 1½ hours.

4.  Begin a job or career and renew your license every 4 years. New York State barber license is valid for 4 years. You will receive an email renewal notice, three months before your license expires, which will contain a link to your New York State Account.

As a licensed barber, you can continue the practice of shaving, cutting & designing hair, mustaches and beards.

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