Friday, 4 March 2016

What You Learn Under A Master Barber Program?

The master barber program is for all those individuals who do not have any experience as a barber. Under this program, the individual can learn about the history of barbering, microbiology, skin disorders, professional image and ethics, infection control, shaving, facial, latest hairstyles, cutting techniques etc.

The program is usually of 630 hours, which is covered in 6 months. Students’ learn a number of things under this program, which further prepares them for the State exam. Some of the main things that a student can learn through this program include-

  • Essential techniques - This     program provides an opportunity to the students to learn the essential or basic barbering techniques including cutting techniques. The different cutting techniques include scissor over comb cutting and clip cutting. However, if you have no idea about the profession, then this is the best program you should begin with.        
  • Client relation - Maintaining a good relation with the client is very important to be     successful in this field. So, the course emphasizes the importance of good relationship as well as effective communication with the client.
  • Wide range of styles - The program is aimed at teaching students all the latest hairstyles     starting from some beginner level hairstyles.    
  • Chemistry of hair - Students get to know about the chemistry of hair, which is very     important to be successful in this field.    
  • Implementation of tools - A number of tools are used in this profession. The program teaches students how to handle the basic equipment or tools which include     scissors, razors, clippers, combs etc.    

However, to get the master barber license, you need to find an institute that provides quality training in this field. You can ask for references or search the internet to find some of the best barber training institutes in your area.

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