Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Different Types of Barbering Courses

Barbering is a career choice that is attracting the’ attention of many who wish to have a stable and exciting career. It is a career that holds numerous job opportunities if you have the skills and training. But to acquire said skills and training it is important to join up an institute that can provide you the training you need.

There are many institutes that provide barbering courses for aspiring candidates. These courses a classified based on the different levels of expertise sought and have been structured accordingly.

Here is a look at the major types of barbering courses available today:

Master – You can opt for the master program if you do not have any type of experience in this field. In this course, you learn about a variety of topics such as the history of barbering, professional image, client relations, professional ethics, chemistry of hair, microbiology, infection control, and skin disorders.

You also get to learn about shaving, facials, along with the latest hair styles and cutting techniques including scissor over comb and clipper cutting. In this course, you will get practical hours to learn better. After completing this program, you can go for the state exam to become a licensed barber.

Advanced Barber – This program is for those individuals who have experience in this field. It is an advanced course in which you can learn about the latest hair styles, history of barbering, professional image, skin disorders, various cutting techniques, shaving and more. In this program too, you will get practical hours to learn more. Experienced cosmetologists can also opt for this course.

Infection Control – It is an essential course that you need to complete if you want to obtain the master barber license in New York. In this training, you get to learn about the prevention of HIV and transmission of other contagious diseases. You will also learn about the proper methods of sanitation and sterilization to prevent infections.

Whether you are a newly trained barber or a professional one who wants to obtain license, you can opt for this program.

Before deciding on a course, you should know about your options, so that you can make the right choice depending on your skills, experience, qualification etc. Having  made the right choice you can enjoy smooth sailing in your career as a barber.

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