Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Master Barber Program

The haircut or hair is the second most noticeable thing in an individual's personality after eyes. Today people want new and trendy haircuts which ultimately have raised the demand for professional and qualified barbers. Moreover, the work opportunities for the barbers have risen by about 5.8 percent over the last five years and it has been considered as one of the most constant career professions in the nation. To become a barber, you need to enroll in the barber training program. Now you must be wondering how can I find a reliable master barber program near me? If yes then read the following points that may help you in choosing the best one.  

It is important to mention here that to work as a barber you need a to be a certified professional. There are many schools which offer the barber programs to prepare the students for this industry. Generally, barbers cut and trim hair and beards. Some of the other duties may include the coloring, shampooing hair and massage the hair. The responsibilities and tasks may vary from one facility to another. They need to stand for hours while giving the duty.  

After working for a year in the barbering profession, an individual may receive the master designation from the state. This is the highest place of this profession which is obtained after successfully completing the education and other state-level entrance exams.

The training program must be approved by the state. It must be an approved training program or diploma which includes a certification. State licensure is required for barbers in all states.

As we have mentioned the qualifications for master barbers that may also require the work experience for master barber program.

An individual who desires to become a professional barber must have some basic skills, such as- customer-service skills, stamina, creativity, time management, and interpersonal skills.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

How To Find The Best Barber Training School NY?

Professionalism holds a lot of importance when it comes to shining in the career world. One needs to be on the top of the craft when looking to make an advancement in the career but before one thinks of joining the professional world, it is important to take coaching or training from the right institutes. One industry which is flourishing fast is the hair & care industry as hair is something which is of utmost importance for each and every individual. 

This makes it evident that the people who are looking to make a career in the barbering field need to have the right knowledge, skills, and expertise and this is only possible when they take proper training from the right training schools. However, with so many barber training schools out there, it is difficult to choose the best one. So, how do you figure out the best one? Relax, as we brief you about the same!

Top Checklists To Find The Best Barber Training School NY

The very first point to find the best barber training school in New York is to make sure that the school is licensed in the first place by the New York State Department of Education & Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.

It is important that the school has experienced faculty to provide you with the relevant knowledge and skills. The reason being the more experienced faculty of the institute is, the more expertise they will have, the better knowledge they’ll impart to the students. 

Placement Assistance
The barbering industry is very competitive as the demand for the best barbers is always high due to the ever-increasing desire of people to groom their hair and overall appearance. Ask the barbering institute directly if they will provide any placement assistance to you or will just leave you out there in the market for the struggle to find the job.  

Looking For The Perfect Barbering Institute?

IBI or the International Barber Institute is one of the most reputed Barber Training School NY having years of experience behind its back. It has one of the best faculty having the expertise to incorporate the right skills in their students so that they can match the latest hair-styling demands and trends. Along with this, they hold the hand of their students until he/she gets placed and positioned well in the market. To know more visit: 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Barbering 101: Right Style for Right Face Shape

Every person in barber chair has asked been the question, ‘ What it’ll be?” There are the times that every person wants to add something new to his personality with a haircut. Nonetheless, we get worried whether it will suit the face or will we look strange. However, instead of saying “the usual” or  “just like the last time”, ask a barber his opinion.

The haircuts are based on what your face shape is. This means that a qualified barber with the degree of master barber program will be able to let the client know what suits the face shape. There are a few hairstyles that look good on a certain face shape and some don't, here is the layover:

Oblong face shape
The best haircuts for the oblong face shape are the short haircuts. However, if you have a bushy or a hipster beard, you might want to trim it. It makes the face look bigger.

Round face shape
A round face needs a bit of definition to make them have a bit of sharpness and shape added. Individuals with round face shape should consider going with a cut that is shorter on sides with hair on the top. This way, the round face gets a bit of definition added to it.

Oval face shape
The majority of haircuts go well with oval face shape. Nonetheless, you might want to avoid fringes or bangs that end up covering the forehead making the face appear round rather than oval.

Diamond face shape
With right hairstyle, the diamond face can make your whole persona look different. The best hairstyle that goes with such a face style is a textured crop or faux hawk paired with a beard.

Square face shape
Similar to the round face shape, the square faces need to get the edges softened. This can be done best with the cut that is tall on the top. They can also opt for the short haircuts as it will balance out their natural round head. As the square face shape has sharp angles and a masculine look, beard goes well with the whole look.

Triangle face shape
An individual with a triangle face style has a prominent jaw that is a bit wider than the cheekbones. These men should opt for medium length hair with no beard.

Knowing these basics is the first stepping stone towards the master barber program. If you are interested in learning more about barber career, contact International Barber Institute (IBI). They are the leading barber training school with advanced barbering courses in the state of New York.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Pros of becoming a barber | International Barber Institute

If you are interested in making people look their best by giving them the best hairstyles, then the profession of a barber is best for you. There are several benefits of becoming a barber which include-

Be your own boss – You have the freedom to choose your own rates, working hours and dress codes. For those who find running their own business, a little tough can always rent a chair in someone else’s shop and manage their seat.

Travel the world– The best thing about this profession is that you’ll never have to struggle to find a job. No matter where you travel in the world, people would need haircuts, which means this profession will always be in demand.

Income – Barbers have a decent income. Depending on how good the barber is at his work, the money they make varies. The better the styling and cutting skills, the more money the barber can charge for his work. In 2011, the annual income of a barber was $28,050. In fact, the income of top ten percent of the barber is around $46,000.

Work hours - The profession of a barber has a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to working hours. A barber can choose his own time to go to the shop. Plus you can plan your vacations whenever you want. In short, you are your own boss.  

Career Information

Job Description & Responsibilities

Barbers work primarily with male clients and their work duties include cutting and styling the hair, trimming and shaving the facial hair. To perform their job duties, barbers use a variety of tools such as scissors, clippers, and combs. If self-employed or owning a small business, barbers may have to handle other responsibilities such as handling payments, keeping inventory updated, hiring and supervising staff, and handling marketing.

Job growth of barbers

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2014 the annual wage of a barber was about $28,430. The BLS projects that from 2012 and 2022; the employment of barbers will be grown by 11%.

If you are interested in the profession of the barber and want to pursue the career in the same, get enrolled in a barbering course with a recognized college. For advanced barbering courses in Central Islip, contact IBI. They are one of the leading international barbering institutes in New York. By enrolling in their courses, you can become a licensed barber in just 3 months!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to Start a Career as a Licensed Barber?

Before you can embark on a career as a successful barber you need to get licensed first. In order get the requisite license you need to pass a course that certifies your abilities as a barber. In such a course you will learn many things including cutting hair in different styles, skin disorders, infection control and even microbiology.

You can follow these steps to become a licensed barber in your state:

  • Graduate from State approved barber school: Most of the barber schools offers 288 hour training programs on various subjects. These subjects includes facial massage, hair cutting and style, shop management, ethics, sanitation, hygiene and skin disorder and many more. Alternatively, you can also work as an apprentice for two years under the licensed barber who will act as your mentor.
  • Submit a state barber operator application: After completing barber school you can submit the application for a barber license. This will serve as your licensing application and as a notice that you are ready to take the licensing exam. In order to obtain the license you will also have to complete a course in infection control.There is also an option for infection control online course and it is necessary for both the apprenticeship and other individuals looking for a career in hairdressing. Proof of the completion of the course should be submitted with application for a barbering license.
  • Schedule and pass the licensing exam: Once you schedule the exam, start the     preparation by referring to syllabus. You must pass the exam with 70% or higher.    
  • Renew your license every four years: The license for some states lasts for four     years. Around three months before your license expires, you will get the renewal notice.    

Most of the beauty treatments involve actions that can be dangerous if not performed by experienced and licensed personnel. Therefore it is essential to learn the proper techniques and gain the requisite knowledge to ensure your clients’ safety as well as your own.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How to Become a Licensed Barber in New York?

In order to get good training for a career in barbering, you need professional training. And in New York, there are plenty of schools, colleges, and online barber schools that can take you from a beginner to a skilled barber. Barbers usually has to perform duties of a small business person like hair services, accepting payments and handling books.

And, a barber school will polish your skills. In 2013, New York  was at the second position in terms of employment, which is highest in the U.S. for barbers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can follow these steps to become a licensed barber in New York.

1. Graduate from an approved New York State barber school. There is no defined hour requirement for barber licensure in New York. But, most barber schools offer 288 hour training programs, along with a 3 hour course while dealing with the concerns of transmission of contagious diseases.

2. Submit a New York State barber operator application. After you have completed your barbering program, you can submit your application for a license. For this application, you will have to submit barber operator application along with application fee, affirmation of New York state approved school section and health certification form.

3. Schedule and pass the New York State Practical Licensing Exam. Your practical exam will be scheduled by the New York Division of Licensing Services. You will have to complete the practical exam on barbering services within 1½ hours.

4.  Begin a job or career and renew your license every 4 years. New York State barber license is valid for 4 years. You will receive an email renewal notice, three months before your license expires, which will contain a link to your New York State Account.

As a licensed barber, you can continue the practice of shaving, cutting & designing hair, mustaches and beards.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Thinking About Barber School? All You Need to Know about Barber program and Career

If you are considering enrolling yourself in a barber school, then you should know how much the program costs, how long it will take to complete, what you will learn in the training, and more. Every state requires that barber complete training programs at barbering schools licensed by the respective state.

You can go for barbering programs at private schools, public community college and vocational institutes. A full-time barbering student usually takes six months to one year to complete the course of study. If you want to attend part time you may go to school for two or more years.

Requirements to enroll in barber school
Barber training programs is open for prospective students having a high school diploma or a GED prior to enrollment. Before you enroll check with the state in which you plan to enroll and also with the school itself to be sure. Keep a look on the state license requirements to find out your state's requirements to become a barber.

Barber schools teach the basics of cutting and styling hair, including coloring. Barbers also learn necessary infection control procedures. Beginning students practice on dummies or each other, and then they appoint the real clients. Many schools provide the basic learning of the basic tools – scissors, clippers, razors etc. Many barbers own their own shop, and thus they need to learn how to manage small business.

Job options for barbers after graduation
Students graduated from barber colleges are employed in some salons or open up their own barber shop. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proposed that employment of barbers would grow by 7 percent from 2010-2020. Many barbering schools have placement services that help new graduates find jobs. The states with the highest employment levels for this occupation are New York, New Jersey, California and Indiana.

A good barbering school will help you cultivate your strengths in your skills.